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The lecture is usually highly thought-provoking and insightful. The objective is to critically identify and examine threats to our democracy, corporate existence and their implications in nation building with a view to proffering solutions and recommending same to those who make policies that affect all of us thereby promoting sustainable development strategies that ensure strong and healthy nationhood.

Few Topics of the Leadership Lectures and the Lecturers for 2005- 2012:
  • Integrity: A paradigm Worthy of Emulation by Mr. John Momoh, CEO, Channels TV
  • Nigeria: An Agenda for Effective Administration of Federalism by R/Admiral G.N Kanu, (Rtd) Former Military Governor of Lagos and old Imo States.
  • Nigeria’s Leadership and Vision 20-2020 by Engr. Ernest Ndukwe, Former Executive Vice Chairman/CEO Nigerian Communications Commission
  • Nigeria in A Post Oil Regime by Dr. Alphonsus Ekwerike, President Science Medicine Research Institute, USA
  • Imagine a Nigeria without Oil by Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, Chair NESG
  • Today’s Insecurity: What it Portends for the Future by Prof. Anya O. Anya, former Director General Nigeria Economic Summit Group

The prestigious Role Model Award is a special HONOR for a select few who have distinguished themselves by demonstrating exemplary leadership, both in public and private life: enduring family legacy character, honesty, professional/vocational competence and compassion characteristic of a Role Model to leadership of Nigeria and pledges to continue to work for the growth and development of Nigeria and the up-liftment of humanity. Please note that the AWARD is based purely on merit while SUPPORT toward the successful hosting of the event is very much encouraged.

While the prestigious Excellence in Leadership Award aims to reward outstanding performance in public office by public office holders who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to policies and projects that are geared toward public benefit. Our objective here is to encourage good governance, responsible leadership, selflessness and competence thereby engendering sustainable democracy and sustainable development in Nigeria.  Please not that the AWARD is based purely on merit.


As the saying goes before the discovery of corn, the chicken had a diet; this is particularly true of African continent in general and Nigeria in particular. No matter how much civilized we have become, it can not replace basic values that make us humans; values like integrity, accountability, dignity, mutual and self respect, etc, have bound us together through the ages.
However, with civilization, we have come to a critical stage in our national history where every form of decorum and reticence have been thrown out of the window, a stage where leaders see their people as slaves or at best, second-class citizens, a stage where citizens no longer respect the laws of the land, a stage where lawmakers have become lawbreakers, a stage where young people are comfortable with money gotten at all cost. This is really a place of shame.
By research, however, we have come to find out that if the head is faulty, there is little the body can achieve. In John Maxwell words everything rests and falls on leadership. This is our reason for putting together a TV program that will help us as a people to evaluate the quality if leadership in our society and to be able to identify the good leaders who are worthy of emulation for showcasing.

Your leadership ability plus or minus determines your level of effectiveness in any organization. This is true in companies, it is true in communities and it is true in any religious setting, nation orfamily. Our Leadership Training Program which runs through 12 calendar months is designed to help young people develop their leadership skills. This is done in form of seminars, talk shops, symposia in collaboration with other organizations that share similar ideological concerns with us. To participate in our Leadership Training Program, kindly send your request to leadershipwatch@hotmail.com.
Human Rights Advocacy (HuRA) is a forum that addresses in clear terms the abuse of the fundamental human rights of a person. It helps to get redress if someone has been unduly taken advantaged of. This is done by providing legal assistance to the person whose rights have been violated. Whether the perpetrators are individuals, group of persons or even government, HuRA takes it up to speak against such abuse and making sure that everyone moves about his or her legitimate business without fear of molestation.
Leadership Watch Student Exchange Program (SEP) is designed to provide opportunity for Nigeria future leaders to experience first -hand, the way of life of other people across the world, especially where it has to do with leadership and governance. It also provides opportunity for our youths to showcase our rich culture to the outside world even as it brings at par these leaders with their contemporaries all over the world, putting them on the threshold of current happenings in global politics, leadership as well as vital decision making strategies. It is organized in conjunction with our partner institutions in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, South Africa, etc.
Trade and Investment Promotions (TIP) were initiated to foster business co-operation and encourage Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Nigeria. It is a forum for bringing businessmen and women from all over the world together to explore, discover and invest in different sectors of Nigeria economy. The TIP also interfaces with government to facilitate the FDI drive and to guarantee security in investment. TIP achieves its goals by providing platforms where intending investors meet with relevant government agencies/officials to deliberate on issues that encourage investment.
The greatest challenge the world over today is the challenge of leadership. Leadership Watch strongly believes that now is the time to start grooming future leaders in different spheres of human endeavors. Leaders who will shape our nation and the world at large, making it better than they met it. Emerging leaders who would understand what it takes to identify the strategic alliances and opportunities upon which to build a better society by adopting leadership styles that recognize the needs of others; while identifying strategies for getting others to support genuine agenda for a better society. The aim of Leadership Watch in setting up El-net club is to further innovatively contribute to the task of nation building by grooming these emerging leaders through leadership role models who will take it upon themselves to provide direct mentorship for these future leaders. This indeed is our cardinal objective for the establishment of EL-NET Club for the youths and Emerging Leaders Academy.
Community Service and Poverty Eradication (COSEPE) liaises with relevant government agencies, donors, corporate bodies and other advocacy groups to provide community service schemes tailored to meet the needs of the rural poor. It also seeks to get celebrities involved in community works. This further ensures a synergy between the government and the governed, the celebrities and their fans, and advocacy groups and their target audience for the overall realization of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to bring development nearer to the people.
ICT Development and Education (IDE). This platform provides opportunity for secondary school students and undergraduates alike to acquire basic ICT knowledge necessary for effectiveness in contemporary world. It reveals inherent opportunities which students can leverage on. IDE is also a platform for empowerment, training for wealth creation and skills acquisition for young people especially.
Leadership Watch Entrepreneur and Skills Development (E-SkiD) Program is borne out of the need to empower young and business minded Nigerians to be self sufficient in terms of modern business solutions/skills. E-SkiD tends to stimulate interest and participation in Invention Technology and Agriculture to boost food production and wealth and employment creation through regular trainings. The program therefore serves the purpose of bringing experts in the various fields to train young Nigerian business minded and entrepreneurs.